What gives?

Honestly, no idea. I’m totally wingin’ it here guys. I’ve entertained the idea of starting a blog/website off and on for years. I guess I’m pretty funny, witty at times, and cuss like a sailor so for some, that makes decent entertainment.

A little insider info….

I’ve created two little humans in my life. Big beast and little beast.

I cuss… a lot. Like a whole effing lot.

I’m insanely inappropriate… usually at the most inappropriate times. Totally not intentional. Imagine the whole laughing at a funeral thing.

I’m live in a small “hick” town on the Oregon Coast. It’s beautiful, cozy, nestled in a canyon by the ocean…. and you have to drive two hours to find a decent clothing store. Also, if there’s a tsunami anytime soon, we’re fucked.

I attempt to be crafty and shit. I’m no Martha.

I’m working on transitioning my entire family into a healthier lifestyle. I’m a constant contradiction with this, it’s all about give and take. Some days I eat 100% clean, other days I wash down a bacon cheeseburger with a pint.

I attempt to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, which I owe much to Advocare for. Have you tried Spark? Sweet 8lb 6oz, golden diapered, newborn baby jesus is that shit amaze-balls. I throw a few splashes of vodka in there for a afternoon pick me up. Kidding…. Kind of. It IS all about give and take after all.

Oh…  I’M ENGAGED! Finally laying that hammer down. So I’m sure I’ll be documenting all that mad chaos, minus the sappy shit, just not my style. We got two years peeps… and I’m a procrastinator so keep that in mind.